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A cake mixture is having flour, sugar and butter in the ratio 7:5:3.The weight of the cakewhen baked is 13.5 kg.What is the weight of sugarin the baked cake?

Please attempt the above question timed, and then click below to reveal the
few second technique leading to the correct answer


Technique © :

Step 1.  Add 7 + 5 + 3

= 15

Step 2.   Realise the fact that 13.5 kg is 90% of 15kg

Step 3.  Therefore weight of sugar is 90% of 5

= 4.5kg

Answer: 4.5kg

Time allowed: 30 seconds

Time taken using the technique: 3 seconds

Time saved = 27 seconds [9/10 th of time allowed by examiner]

WORK SHEET – Practice question

A wedding cake mixer is having flour, sugar and butter in the ratio 7:5:4. The weight of the cake when baked is 12.8 lbs. What is the weight of flour in the baked cake?

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

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