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The total age of two sisters Mary and Lily is 38. Mary is 4 years elder to Lily. How old are the two sisters?
Please attempt the above question, timed and then view the few second technique leading to the correct answer


Technique © :

Step 1.  Subtract the difference in age of 4 from the total age of two sisters.         38 – 4 = 34

Step 2.   Divide the resulting number from step 1 by two.          34 / 2 = 17

[This is Lily’s age.]

Step 3.   Add 3 to the resulting number from step 2

                17+4 = 21

[This is Mary’s age]

Answer: Mary is 21 years old and Lily is 17 years old.

Time allowed: 30 secs. Time taken using the technique: 3 secs.

Time saved = 27 seconds [9/10th (90%) of time allowed by examiner]

Now that you have done the above question in three seconds, try the similar question below.

WORK SHEET – Practice question

The total age of two brothers John and Edward is 107 years. John is 3 years elder to Edward. How old are the two brothers?




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